Already 35 partners for Visa’s bitcoin plans

Credit card company Visa is staying true to bitcoin and apparently expanding its holdings. As part of its Q2 Earning Call 2021, the payments giant now laid out a roadmap with all sorts of plans aimed at greater integration of the cryptocurrency.


Visa is „extremely well positioned“

Al Kelly, CEO of Visa, spoke accordingly of the many opportunities that digital gold offered: „I would say that this is an area that we’re leaning into very, very heavily and I think we’re extremely well positioned.“

There are, Kelly said, five areas in which they intend to be active. First of all, buying bitcoin is certainly at the forefront of this. In cooperation with various crypto exchanges and digital wallets, they want to enable users to buy the virtual currencies. In addition, it should also be possible to pay out the crypto assets. This should make cryptocurrencies more actively available for daily payments and thus give them an „immediate benefit“.

Bitcoin Prime Verification System

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In cooperation with all kinds of partners

Apparently, the company has already been able to win over all kinds of partners for its plans. Kelly says: „We have over 35 digital currency platforms and wallets that have decided to work with us. Coinbase,, Blockfi, Fold, Bitpanda are just a few examples. For us, this is certainly a second big opportunity.“

Institutional clients are also expected to benefit from greater crypto integration. This should be particularly easy via a newly created Visa API, which can be used directly on websites and online platforms. If the plans work out, the Visa share should also be able to profit.

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