Bitcoin on the Rise as Banks Fail: Time to Invest?

• Billionaire investor and crypto bull Mark Cuban is a bitcoin enthusiast.
• He claims that owning gold is the wrong move, as it’s not as safe as BTC.
• The current banking system in the US is causing people to return to speculative assets like BTC out of fear.

Billionaire Investor Mark Cuban’s Bitcoin Endorsement

Billionaire investor and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban continues to be an avid supporter of the digital currency bitcoin, despite its volatility and bearish market in 2022. In a recent interview with Bill Maher, he claimed that gold is not a hedge against anything, whereas bitcoin can protect wealth during times of crises.

Argument Against Owning Gold

Cuban argued that when you purchase gold, you don’t actually own the bar itself – meaning your status as a gold possessor is always in question. As such, he believes investing in bitcoin instead is much safer than keeping gold due to its ability to protect wealth during times of crisis.

Return To Form For Bitcoin Investing

With three banks (Silvergate, Signature, Silicon Valley) having crumbled within weeks of each other recently, many traders are opting for more speculative assets like cryptocurrency out of fear for their money’s safety within the centralized monetary system they’ve relied on for so long – leading to a rise in BTC prices up to a nine-month high.

Why Bitcoin Is A Better Investment Than Gold

As opposed to gold which could easily be taken away from owners due to lack of physical possession over it – bitcoin provides ownership over one’s wealth through its decentralized nature and digital security features which make it difficult for anyone else but the owner themselves to access it.

Conclusion Mark Cuban continues his advocacy for bitcoin investing by warning potential investors about how unsafe owning physical gold can be versus investing in cryptocurrency due to its potential benefits during times of crisis or uncertainty about traditional banking systems.