Blockchain Clothing Line Ensures Trustworthiness: Get $12 Bonus

• The Fision is a clothing company utilizing blockchain to ensure the trustworthiness of its apparel.
• Blockchain technology is used to trace the origin and authenticity of items, such as cotton for t-shirts.
• The company is also a B-Corp, meaning it has tied itself to an environmental or social cause.

The Fision Clothing Line

The Fision is a clothing brand using blockchain technology to create trustful apparel. T-shirts are made from sustainable Good Earth Cotton sourced through a transparent and traceable system, powered by blockchain.

Benefits of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain allows buyers to verify the origin and authenticity of items with little need for middlemen or third parties to confirm information like transactions. This helps people make sure that they are buying from trusted sources and that the items used were not obtained through illicit practices. For example, if you want to make sure your palm oil only comes from lawful fields, the blockchain can show where it came from.

The Fision Is a B-Corp

The Fision is a certified B-Corp which means it has tied itself to specific social causes or environmental issues in order to better the world. The company’s Good Earth Cotton comes from sustainable farming methods that promote soil health. With this certification, CEO Josh Gelder hopes that their mission will inspire change in other brands and become industry norm in the future.

Earn Bitcoin With Referrals

In addition to their mission-driven values, The Fision also offers incentives for customers who sign up with them – including $12 bonus upon signing up as well as referral bonus up to $3,000 when they refer friends and family members.


By using blockchain technology for their clothing line, The Fision aims to bring more transparency into fashion while inspiring other brands do the same; while offering incentives such as sign up bonuses and referral bonuses for customers who join them on this mission